Our Core Values

Here at Socially Motivated Wellness we are motivated by our core values. These are the things we hold dear and allow to guide our lives.  These six values drive our business.


We know that signing up for this program takes determination on your part and we are determined to support you.  You have determination, no matter how you arrived at the training program, whether a friend encouraged you or you saw it online or somewhere else YOU made a choice to sign up for a program. You may have wanted to try something new, get off the couch and get moving or just wanted to do something for your health and wellness you were determined.

The group leaders in all the groups and programs are determined to help you reach your goal. They want you to be successful and they want to share their love of running and walking with you. They are determined that you will succeed. We will help you to have a good experience, to push you out of your comfort zone, to help you as you move forward, to make good choices for yourself.

Be determined to make life healthier for you, your family, your friends – continue to get out and move, walk, run, swim, bike, do yoga, workout at a gym. Be determined to be your best, and we’ll be there to take you to the finish line.


We are passionate about two things here at Socially Motivated Wellness, one is moving (running or walking) and the other is helping you to succeed. Actually, we are passionate about a lot of things, we believe that our program is successful because of the relationships which are made in the groups, at races, doing homework. We give you the opportunity to meet up with people who want to do the same thing as you, other people who want to take care of themselves, or inspire someone else or to try something new.

You will meet people of all ages, shapes and sizes but what brings them together is the passion to run or walk or do something for themselves. Your passion may be running or walking, or helping others, or taking care of your self, there is not right or wrong, only YOUR passion. Find your passion, live it, share it with others. Passion motivates us to change ourselves and change the world.


Our programs support you from the day you sign up until you complete your first or hundredth race. Our group training sets us apart because the group is there to support you from the very beginning. Your group leaders are there to support you on the day of your workout, they motivated and encourage you to keep going.

You become a supporter of others in your group as well as other runners and walkers. There will be times that you show up because you know that others are there waiting for you. The miles tick by because your group is there to help you on those days when you don’t think you can move another step. There will also be times when you are someone else’s support to keep them moving and get them through the workout.

Our weekly newsletter, “The Social MoJo” contains helpful information on running, walking, nutrition, clothing, and more to help as you transform yourself into a healthier version of you. The website supports you with our blog as well as information on races we partner with and other training tips. You will have access to a closed Facebook group which has motivational quotes, pictures and notifications of upcoming workouts that you are always welcome to join. The answer to any other question or concern you have is just a phone call or email away through our website or newsletter.

The running and walking community is very supportive, motivational, and fun.  You are a part of this great sport and the people who take part. Support, making us all stronger together.


Many people do not believe that running or walking is a joyful sport.  As they are sitting in their cars, drinking coffee on the way to or from work, they see runners or walkers and think, “they are crazy”.  I believe that those people are really just jealous that they haven’t taken the time for themselves, they aren’t doing something healthy, they just don’t know how to begin.

As part of the training program you get to see joy in all forms. Of course there is much joy when your workout is done for the week, but there are also the joyful moments. When you reach a new time or mileage goal, when your group leader or other group member takes part in a race and finishes “upright and ahead of the ambulance” you share in their joy.

There will be times when you aren’t feeling joyful and you don’t want to show up, but you know that your group is there, they expect you to be there.  Just get yourself to your group, their joy will carry you until you find your joy again. (Plus, if you are not there, they will talk about you, they may talk about you when you are there but remember, if you are there, you can defend yourself.)

There is also the joy of being outside, all times of the year and in all weather.  We are lucky because we GET to enjoy being in a group, doing something for ourselves, honoring our health.  There is joy in our friends’ accomplishments. There is joy in the movement and the moment. Today and everyday, be joyful.


So you have signed up for this program, you are saying to yourself “what have I done?” You may be the most confident person in  your home or at your job but I know that first day when you show up for training you are terrified.

We help to make this easy, we give you the tools to succeed.  You run or walk with a group, you have a training calendar, a group leader, you make a friend in your group.  You begin terrified and each week, as your mileage grows your confidence grows. You run or walk a mile or two or ten and you feel stronger and more confident.  Now you are thinking “I got this….no problem.”

You are unique and wonderful and amazing and you have the confidence to go out and own who you are and what you do. Running, walking, hiking, biking, being active can all help to boost our confidence in ourselves. You are confident, you will become the best you.


We are so happy that you have been a part of this program. We are proud of you, we have watched you grow from the person who insisted at the beginning of the program that “I can’t run/walk, I’m too (old, young, busy, slow…..)” to watching you finish a race and we have seen the pride and joy on your face as you crossed the finish line.

We are you biggest cheerleaders.  Once the program is finished, we want to continue to hear from you, we want to know how you have continued your running or walking. We want you to tell us about races you are doing. We want you to tell you friends about our program. We want you to come back as a repeat participant or a group leader. We want you to continue to care about your health and wellness. We appreciate you being a part of our lives.